Spelohm [Sources en vente]

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Spelohm [Sources en vente]

Message par Giuliani le Mer 25 Juin - 23:02

Développé par Siramoida (membre de l’équipe RCS)

Spelohm  est un Action MMO, refonte totale des sources, avec système de visée façon FPS et tout un tas d'autres fonctions.

Une vidéo est plus parlante que des images

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Re: Spelohm [Sources en vente]

Message par Giuliani le Lun 12 Jan - 22:45

Siramoida souhaite voyager et étudier, il aimerait que tout le monde se cottise pour lui prendre en un achat, il vise donc $3000... (Il envisage 30 personnes à $100).
Honnêtement, $100 c'est abordable quand on voit le nombre incroyable de modification qu'il a apporté au moteur, mais je ne sais même pas s'il y a plus de 20 utilisateurs actifs sur le forum et prêt à payer cette somme...

Liste des features:

Here is the list of features, fixes, etc I can remember so far:

Shadows for characters and Objects
Water reflections and waves. (Reflections are glitched, worked fine before idk what I changed, probably a silly bug)
Other visual features
Grass wind.
In game Graphics Menu
View distance
Screen ratios, 4:3, 16:9, 16:10. Mouse works perfectly on the entire screen with 4:3 and 16:9. (16:10 glitches on sides I think)
Windows 8 Framerate fix.
There is one bug with W8, if you use "scale window content" option, you won't be able to see the entire screen.
I won't include FastLibs files needed to compile.

Inventory and Items
Enchantment item system, with slotted interface, based on gems, etc. I can explain more if you need. https://youtu.be/rs6kdqaMsfc
New type of items, weapons and armors. (Example: Material item, Quest Item), etc
Dual wield system, You can take 2 one-handed weapons and equip them one in each hand.
Lot of fixes between server-client and sync fixes.

Entirely deep new quest system:
-Chained quests.
-Quest Items and drop system for quests.
-Each quest has 2 optional killing goals, 2 optional gather items goals, and 1 talk to (or return),
-A new quest log with quest progress
-Abandon option (will delete items too)
-Replay option (I think I had this feature, I will confirm later).
-Quest markers on top of the NPC giver head.

Combat and Movement
New movement system, with strafing, diagonal walking, aiming, etc.
Action combat system as you can see in videos, includes basic blocking and dodge feature.
Hardcoded combat formula (I think it is easy to tweak).
New spell system that fits the action combat system:
-recharging time works as it should and it can be seen in the UI,
-most of the spells works in the same way. So different spells can be created in GUE and a little of scripting. The project includes spell examples with scripts that can be used as a template.

AI and NPCs
Stealth system, NPCs have a cone of view, you can approach them from behind without being detected.
NPCs chase distance no need for scripting.
NPCs Pathfinding (not the best algorithm but can be improved easily) I can explain how to set it up If needed.

New account files system, like 1.30.
Premium account system, and script commands that allow to work differently with them.
Login server and Game server, they still share the same files but run in different exes.(It is very basic)

No lag when loading actors with multiple textures.
Multiple textures for actors, up to 15 options. Textures for Legs, Arms, Chest, Head.
Separated Animations, I don't know how it is really called, but what is does is to allow you to play 2 animations at the same time, one for the upperbody and other one for the lowerbody. This can be hard to set up, needs both 3d model and animations tweaking. Of course you can still use the old way. Example: walking backwards while firing arrows. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qtxRvxBZjxw

Trade System
I had a new Trade system based on the default one. It worked perfectly but I didn't like it.
So I did a brand new one based on drag and drop. Looks cool and almost works.
It includes "ready to trade".
NPC trading works fine.
Includes invitation dialog, distance check, disconnections checks, cheating checks, etc.
Quest items cant be transfered.
The big problem: I didn't finish the money transfer subsystem between players, it only works for items.

Account friend system
Your account can have X number of friends.
Your account can have X number of banned players.
UI with options, sorting by name, class or level.
Invite to party, delete friend/ban, pm

New chat system, failry the same but works better, lot of bugs fixed.
Link items from your inventory to the chat and then others can see them. Works for loot too. https://youtu.be/bdhyZ_RqV58?t=2m6s

Factions and Guilds
This feature is not finished.
There is a brand new factions and guilds system. In my game there were going to be factions that worked as guilds too. Those factions had a player leader, that could declare war to other factions, ask for alliance to other leader, break alliance, etc.
I think server side was almost done. However, UI in client side wasn't finished.
There is a lot to cover here and I do not recall very well. If you have any questions I can go and take a look.

Brand new party system
Leader subsystem. Leader can invite, fire or promote to leader. If leader disconnects then party leader goes to other member.
Invite UI
Party UI showing HP, MP and class wherever the members are.
Party XP.
Questing in party works, this means if one of your party members kills the NPC you need to kill, then it counts for you if you are close.
Party chat.

New compass.
Basic Interactive Map (hardcoded).
Relog option.
Deep Equip change script.
Lot of default RCS crashes fixed, I can't remember how many, some of them you never heard of.
PaintRoad Terrain editor (Super Alpha version).
Fixed Gubbin Tools to work with my edits.
Actor fixing position (Y axis still little glitchy).
Actor Update distance.
New multithreaded RCEnet.dll. Low leyer network stuff will run in a new thread and won't wait for game loop. So packets will be ready to work with them when the main loop need it, main loop won't have to wait for the dll. (Won't include source code)
Alt+Tab or minimizing in fullscreen will no longer get you disconnected.
Already logged in checks. (Trust me you want this)

Things that won't or might not work.
I removed the glitched owned scenery.
I removed gubbin system, was useless and with multiple textures plus double meshes I didn't need them.
MySQL with my edits
Mounts and Pets, I don't know what could happen with this! My plans were not to have them.

As you must expect, there are a lot of things that will work because I did it and I knew how they work. Little features cannot work if you change it and if you don't know where to look. I might be able to help with that.
It is a very long list and do not expect it to work 100%, of course there are glitches and you might find new ones but overall, it works well and smooth.

There are also some features I might not remember now.

Any question feel free to ask!


Messages : 263
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Date d'inscription : 25/06/2014
Age : 39
Localisation : Toulouse


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